Thursday, 11 December 2008

Festive No-Bake Peanut Butter Squares

These festive peanut butter squares are from Betty Crocker’s Christmas Cookbook, which is packed with wonderful recipes to cook and bake over the holiday period. I made these bars last year and they were a big hit in our home with friends and family, so I couldn’t wait to make them again this year. They are the perfect recipe if you’re looking for something quick and easy to make after a long day of other Christmas preparations, and they look very Christmassy with festive candy decorations.

Festive No-Bake Peanut Butter Squares

1 ½ cups powdered sugar (icing sugar)
1 cup graham cracker crumbs (digestive biscuits)
½ cup butter or margarine
½ cup peanut butter
1 cup white vanilla baking chips or semisweet chocolate chips (6oz)
Festive candy decorations, if desired

In a medium bowl, mix powdered sugar and graham cracker crumbs. In a saucepan, heat butter and peanut butter over low heat, stirring occasionally, until melted. Stir into crumb mixture. Press in ungreased 8-inch square pan.

In another saucepan, melt chocolate chips over low heat, stirring frequently. Spread over crumb mixture. Immediately sprinkle with candy decorations. Refrigerate about 30 minutes or until firm.

Cut into squares. Store loosely covered in refrigerator.


Kaitlin said...

These really are super cute and festive, they just scream Christmas..not to mention they look delicious!

Tina Butler said...

Those look good, I am definitly making these. Thanks for sharing.

Finla said...

The look indeed very festive.
And no baking this has to be really a easy one to do.

Reeni said...

I love your cute little decos on top! These are going on my Christmas bake(or no-bake!)list, they look so delicious!

Beth Sachs (Jam & Clotted Cream) said...

Looks like a great festive treat. Love the sprinkles

Nickki said...

They look delicious Maria! I also love the Betty Crocker christmas book, there are some brilliant ideas for festive bakes in there, isn't there? Your sprinkles are very cute, I have some that are quite similar. :)

Anne said...

Love the sprinkles, have been debating all week whether to buy some and if I do really actually need them!

Well I think I do and these bars might just help convince the beloved we need them! :)

Ivy said...

They look beautiful and festive plus they must taste super.

Kelly-Jane said...

They look so good, Oh how I'd like them with my cuppa atm. I think I might have this book, I'm off to check!

Maria♥ said...

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments ;o)


Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

Do you think regular granular sugar would work or do you really have to have the powdered sugar? I live in Japan and powdered sugar comes in teeny teeny little bags for LOTS of yen. These look so good and I really want to make them!

Maria♥ said...

Hi Abigail
Unfortunately it is essential to use powdered sugar, as this is what helps create the right consistency for the mixture. You could try making your own powdered sugar, by blasting normal sugar in a blender.
Hope this helps.


Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

Thanks, Maria, that does help! I was being lazy and hoping I didn't have to make my own powdered sugar, but I will do. :) I have a recipe for using granular sugar with a bit of cornstarch, and whizzing that together. I haven't done it yet but will let you know how it turns out! :) I'm a huge peanut butter and chocolate fan so I can't wait to try this soon.

Maria♥ said...

Your very welcome Abigail. Please let me know how you get on ;o)


Domestic Goddess said...

These bars look so scrumptious, and so easy to prepare. I bet one could make these anytime, and add desired holiday sprinkles. Thanx Maria for posting/sharing this recipe. I look forward to making these bars!