Thursday, 2 October 2008

Peanut Butter and White Chocolate Blondies ~ Ollie comes home!

I’ve mentioned in my previous posts about having been the lucky recipient of Rachel Allen’s new book Bake and how it’s packed full of wonderful recipes that just make you want to bake! These Peanut Butter and White Chocolate Blondies are another example of the variety of recipes in the book. I wanted to bake something for my boys as the cake tin is empty and they love coming home to baked treats but also needed to find a recipe that was quick cos my Ollie is finally home (more about him in a minute)! So I remembered seeing this easy and quick recipe in the book and decided they were the perfect answer. These blondies are incredibly yummy and the white chocolate combined with the peanut butter creates a delicious sensation!

My Ollie is finally home! Hubby and I picked him up yesterday and the ride home was the start of wonderful things to come with my new kitten. He rode in the car up front with me on my lap purring away and looking out the window and loved it! When we got home he was of course nervous and my other cats were not pleased to say the least, hissing and growling but that’s to be expected. I am sure in time they will all be friends but it might take a few days or weeks. Ollie seems really happy and his so cuddly, wants to be with me all day, either on my lap or just around me (hence why I had to bake something quick today). I am so happy that his mine, his definitely a special cat!

Peanut Butter and White Chocolate Blondies

Makes 12 small squares

125g (4½oz) plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
100g (3½oz) butter, softened
150g (5oz) crunchy peanut butter
175g (6oz) soft light brown sugar
1 egg, beaten
1 tsp vanilla extract
75g (3oz) white chocolate, chopped

20 x 20cm (8 x 8in) square cake tin

Preheat the oven to 170oC (325oF), Gas mark 3. Butter the sides of the cake tin and line the base with greaseproof paper.

Sift the flour and baking powder into a small bowl and set aside.

In a large bowl, cream the butter and peanut butter together until very soft. Add the sugar, egg and vanilla extract and beat until combined. Add the flour, baking powder and the chopped chocolate and mix to form a dough.

Place the dough in the prepared tin and bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown and almost firm in the centre.
Allow to cool in the tin, before removing and cutting into squares


Finla said...

He is so cute that i want to hav ollie.
Love the blondies too.
If you tell me to choose from the blondie or ollie it wil be a tough choice, but in the end i will have to go with ollie :-)

Reeni said...

Awwww, Ollis is so precious! I am so jealous, it's great having a kitten in the house, lots of fun and sweetness. The blondies are precious too and are kind of the same color as Ollie's fur-how fitting! Peanut butter and white chocolate makes for melt in your mouth decadence.

Ivy said...

OMG, he is sooooo cute. I would hold him all day long. When our cat was his age she used to climb on our shoulders and sit there like a parrot does :-) Your blondies look so good, I must make them.

Ivy said...

Maria, I think you were so excited that you forgot to post the recipe :)

Maria said...

Ollie is such a cutie!! And these treats sound delicious!!

Maria♥ said...

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments!

Ivy you are so right! I was so excited about telling you all about Ollie that I forgot to write up the recipe. I will be posting the recipe later ;o)


The Blonde Duck said...

This is like my two favorite things in one! I have to make it right now! Oh My God!

Oh my! Apple pie! said...

How cute is Ollie! bless him.
Blondies sound delicious too, I must order that book.

Rosie said...

Awe Ollie is such a cutie pie - give hima huge kiss & cuddle from me :) I am so pleased for you Maria that you have your little bundle of joy home with you now.

Your blondies look scrummy, I got my book yesterday - heehee my amazon partner in crime ;)

Rosie x

Emily said...

OHHHHH OLLIE! He's so cute! I want to give him kisses.

I love blondies. These look absolutely perfect!

Nickki said...

Maria Ollie is an absolute sweetheart! I adore cats, but unforunately my husband is allergic to cat hair so having one is out of the question :( I shall just console myself by looking at pictures of your gorgeous kitties! :)

Those blondies look fantastic, and come to think of it, I have the ingredients in my cupboard to make them! I really must get hold of this book. :)

Bea Roque said...

Tendré que probar tu receta de los blondies, porque la receta de Williams Sonoma que hice yo, me salió fatal....!!!! :-((

Ese Ollie es un amorcito...dan ganas de cogerlo, achucharlo y besarlo..además de estar todo el día tirada en el suelo jugando con él...Ayy los gatunos, son mi perdición!!

besos. B

Anonymous said...

Maria, you are sooo fortunate to have little Ollie--what a precious little addition to your home! I feel privileged that I was able to see him on webcam and I'm so thrilled to be his Auntie across the pond! Your family is so precious to me..thanks so much dear friend. And last but not least, thanks for all your great recipes...I'm planning to make these blondies this weekend! I'm sure they will be a hit.
Love, Patty

Nicky said...

Hi Maria!

What a great looking blondie and a cutie pie kitten!!

Could you clarify the amount of flour needed? The ratio of 125g is less than 9.5oz! Which amount is correct?

Coby said...

Delicious! One is just downright delicious looking, the other is deliciously cute:) Oh, and I just adore that cute pink polka dot plate:)

Maria♥ said...

Thank you everyone!!

Rosie your definitely my amazon partner in crime ;o)

Patty your the best!! Love you loads ;o)


Anna said...

I can't decide if I want the blondies or the little kitten more (it's a close one). I might have to make the blondies myself and just cat-nap Ollie ^__^...

Maria♥ said...

Hi Nicky
You are right and thanks for spotting this mistake! I will now change it to the correct amount in ounces!


Hayley said...

These look delicious, I love white chocolate! And Ollie is just adorable!

Beth (jamandcream) said...

My Rachel A book arrived today - have been devouring over a glass of vino!! You cats look so cute. We are thinking of getting a kitten for Lowen - think she might antagonise it though!!

Will be trying this recipe out soon x

Beth (jamandcream) said...

If I wrote cats, I really meant cat

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

I am going to try this recipe, the blondies sound so good! And.... I want a kitten too :)

Kelly-Jane said...

Aw look at that sweet and gorgeous little face, he's so beautiful!

This was the first recipe I tried from Bake, it's a fab book :)Looks lovely.

Maria♥ said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for the lovely comments!