Thursday, 31 January 2008

Meme (5 facts about me)

Madison my boy!

Coco my little princess!

I've been tagged by Rosie (Rosie bakes a peace of cake) to do a 5 facts about me:

1: I'm the oldest of 4 girls, yes my dad went grey early!

2: I'm bilingual and speak fluent spanish. Both my parents are from Spain.

3: I'm a cat lover and have 2 beautiful cats, Madison and Coco and they are spoilt rotten.

4: I love cosmetics, favorite brands are Chanel, MAC and Nars. I have A LOT of cosmetics and could open my own counter!

5: I would say my best feature are my big blue eyes and long eye lashes!

Above are pics of my 2 kitties ;o)


Rosie said...

Awe lovely to read Maria :) THANK YOU for doing this meme!! I really enjoyed reding this :D

Rosie x

Cooking and the City said...

Maria that was fun to read. your kitty's are so sweet :-)

Maria said...

Thanks for the lovely comments ;o)