Saturday, 12 April 2008

Mint Aero Traybake

If you have experienced the Malteser Traybake Phenomena then you will know how highly addictive but absolutely delicious it is. But have you experienced Mint Aero Traybake? I can only describe this as good if not better than those Mint Viscounts! I was very disappointed to discover this week that our Mint Aero Bubbles are no longer green inside but all brown now!! The whole point of mint aero was the gorgeous green colour. I can only imagine that this is all part of the E-Number removal from sweets and chocolates, soon we will have to sign a disclaimer before trying anything, nuff said!

Mint Aero Traybake


100g butter

200g milk chocolate

3 tablespoons Golden Syrup

225g finely crushed digestive biscuits

225g Mint Aero Bubbles or Maltesers

Melt together the butter, chocolate and syrup then add the crushed biscuits and the mint aero bubbles or maltesers. Mix together quickly then pour into a lined swiss roll tin, level with a spoon and chill till set. For a special occasion drizzle with some melted white chocolate. Once chilled, cut into squares.


Jules said...

I'm very dissapointed to hear they have got rid of the green in mint aero bubbles!

I made a traybake this afternoon based on the malteaser cake, it's chilling in the fridge and I@m not convinced it's worked.

Yours looks fab and so delicious.

Kelly-Jane said...

Oh, we love the malteser one, must give the aero one a go, yum!

Emily said...

I don't get it! Wahhh! This must be a UK thing?

Vicky said...

These look fabulous. I love mint aeros so I'm going to have to make these for Amelie, yeah right!


Maria♥ said...

Jules thanks and I am sure yours will turn out great.

Kelly definiately give the mint aero version a go ;o)

Emiline, mint aero bubbles are Bitesize balls of bubbly mint chocolate and the inside used to be green with a chocolate brown outside, very more-ish!

Vicky thanks ;o)


violets said...

Maria, it still looks fabulous even without the green running through it.

You could always try white chocolate with green food colouring and peppermint extract added.

Vi xx

Anonymous said...

I can resist no longer I'm making these Monday.

Nickki said...

This is a great recipe isn't it Maria, definitely a "keeper!" I actually prefer this to the normal malteser one, but then I do love anything flavoured with mint!

dgmlmax said...

These look so good. I want to make them. I have some questions about the ingredients. What are digestive biscuits, and mint aero balls? I think maltesers are the same as whoppers here in the US. If I can get these ingredients in the US, I will make these this week.

Thank you,

Maria♥ said...

Vi, thanks and great idea!

George they are very hard to resist!

Nikki I love either one, lol.

Dina,welcome to my blog. Digestive biscuits are graham crackers and maltesers are whoppers. I doubt you will be able to find Mint Aero Bubbles but they are made by Nestle. You could do a search online. Good luck and let me know!


Ruth Strong said...

I love mint aero... haven't seen mint aero traybakes in ages! They look so moreish!

Rosie said...

mmmmmm this looks yummy Maria :) Must give this one ago with the mint aeros :)

Rosie x

Maria♥ said...

Thanks ladies ;o)


Ian & Paula said...

I followed this recipe and made a batch for my workmates at Christmas.....I have never had such a positive reaction,they are begging me to make some more!! Delicious,thank you.Paula.

Anonymous said...

just made the mint aero traybake and the middle of my bubbles were definately green. 1st batch chilling in fridge - second batch with maltesers will be made shortly

splendidsolidus said...

I made this last week, it disappeared very quickly. Great recipe, very moreish. :)

splendidsolidus said...

Made this recently, disappeared very quickly. Great recipe, very moreish. :)

Anonymous said...

Couldn't find aero bubbles so bought bars of mint aero. Will this work the same?

Maria♥ said...

Yes it will work the same. Enjoy!

Madeleine said...

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Made the mint aero version last night. I coated them with white chocolate, coloured pale green, and added a hint of peppermint essence. Finally, I drew little shamrocks on them with a green edible gel pen. I think I have created the new National St.Patricks Day Tray Bake for Ireland, judging the response they received to day!

Madeleine. Ireland 17 March 2013

ps thinking of Malsesers, yellow chocolate coating and mini egg for Easter...

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - I made this last night for my birthday and all the guys in the office love it!

Thank you so much for the recipe xx