Sunday, 17 February 2008

Nut-Crusted Chocolate-Banana Swirl Cake

After a long week of baking I was looking for something simple and quick to bake for this weekend, so I opted for this nut-crusted chocolate-banana swirl cake from The Weekend Baker. This cake is another good excuse to use your overripe bananas and they must be very, very ripe. I used my new silicone Bundt pan which I purchased at TK Max for the bargain price of £6 (gotta love that store). Plain chocolate is stirred into half of the buttermilk-banana batter, and the two batters are gently swirled together in the pan. The nut crust topping makes this cake an elegant coffee cake to present to guests or family.

Recipe for Nut-Crusted Chocolate-Banana Swirl Cake


Rosie said...

I love T K Max to for great bargains but not as much as I am loving your nut-crusted chocolate banana swirl cake!!!!!

One very beautiful bundit cake Maria you have baked!! :D Hope you save a slice for me sweetie........... ;) Drool - drool - drool .........

Rosie x

Maria said...

Hi Rosie

Thanks for the lovely comments and passing you a slice of cake ;o)


Cooking and the City said...

Maria that looks ver tempting! :-)

Dell xo

Maria said...

Hi Dell ;o)

This is one gorgeous moist cake and one I would recommend you try ;o) Thanks for the lovely comment.


Pixie said...

I was just looking at a chocolate and white swirl cake but never taught of it having bananas in it. How wonderful! You know i'm always searching for banana recipes!